Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My first PG product

I can pretty much trace my interest in clothes back to the spring of 2009, when Liam Gallagher launched his clothing range, Pretty Green. Founded as a no-nonsense label to make high quality gear and most importantly (To Liam), give him something to wear. While the label has taken some criticism for the prices of its products, the design certainly cannot be questioned, from the beautiful simplicity of the first parka they had released, to the ornate and intricate paisley patterns adorned on their scarves and shirts.

One particular item caught my eye from the very beginning was the polka dot scarf (In black), constructed in a tubular way complete with unfinished hems for a (And I quote) "Rock and roll feel". While I'm not one for cliches, they were totally on target here, it's good old fashioned rock and roll fashion.

Now, as a student currently out of work, I don't have a huge budget to spend on designer labels and as such, and had to postpone my purchase of said scarf. So when the brand announced a massive sweepstakes competition during the current World Cup, offering a staggering £100,000 worth of gear to be given away I immeadietly started to enter (The idea was to guess the team who would score the first goal in each match, within a given time slot). After a few weeks of failure, success came at last during what would be the last game of the England team, when I correctly (and sadly) predicted Germany to score between the 11th and 20th minute.

I got my gift yesterday and much to my surprise, I had won one of the now discontinued scarves and its absolutely amazing. The scarf is incredibly soft and quite lightweight, making it ideal for the warmer weather we're enjoying now and no attention to detail is spared, with a large PG logo, with a smaller tab next to it. Even the box it came in was well designed, with a polka dot design inside. The scarf is fantastic and I probably won't be taking it off for quite a while, until I buy another PG one.


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